Water and Environmental Technology

Today we face greater challenges than ever before in regard to water quality, water systems and the environment. The pressure on our natural resources is enormous and, at the same time, developments continue rapidly in directions that are not always sustainable. Future society must deal with many problems, some of which concern the following:

  • Water and its effect on health
  • Ecological status
  • Preventive measures for handling effects of climate change on technical infrastructure
  • Sustainable resources including ecosystem services and ecological footprints

Water and Environment

Urban water, waste systems and technology, including areas such as hydrology, hydrodynamics, geohydrology, environmental engineering and waste handling.



The vision for the theme of Water and Environment is joint action for sustainable use of water in urban areas and built infrastructure, as well as promoting resistance and recoverability of the ecosystems that support our water systems. The technical systems and the integrated infrastructure must be climate-adapted so that extreme events do not have serious consequences or cause long-term disturbances.



To create a lasting development of strategies and possibilities for coordination, several areas have been elaborated in which collaboration and synergy effects are seen as important:
  • Theme leader: Berit Balfors, KTH
  • Graduate education: Magnus Larson, LTH
  • Basic education: Ann-Catrine Norrström, KTH
  • Laboratory premises and equipment
  • External contacts: Greg Morrisson, Chalmers

Strategic focus areas

Four strategic focus areas where cooperation in research, graduate education, and basic education is considered able to yield innovative ideas and fine opportunities for collaboration:
  1. City water and waste in a run-off area perspective
  2. Technology for handling polluted materials
  3. Technology and processes for water purification
  4. Building in areas near coasts and waterways