Ongoing work in the Undergraduate Education Group

The members of the undergraduate education group are the respective universities’ Head of Programme in the V or S educations. The group works with digitization in the education of engineers in the field of Civil Engineering. The project “Model for digitization issues in the education of engineers in the field of Civil Engineering (Link to page in Swedish)” was completed in the spring of 2021 and the undergraduate education group is now taking the work further into the respective programme development. Digital elements in engineering education already exist today in engineering education, but there is a lack of a complete approach that facilitates students in civil engineering’s understanding of the possibilities that digitization can bring in cohesive processes. The project was carried out within the framework of the Swedish Universities of the Built Environment (SBU), which brings together the undergraduate education programmes in Civil Engineering at Chalmers, KTH, LTH and LTU.

Members in the group