Construction and Facilities Management

This theme area is oriented toward process and organization issues, and thereby differs from the other theme areas, which build on research traditions of natural and technological science.

The theme area of Construction and Facilities Management covers issues of process development, management, economics and law which concern the design, construction and management of buildings and facilities. In international terms, we are at present strong in research that deals with quantitative economic analysis applied to buildings and infrastructure (KTH), client functions, procurement, and building processes (Chalmers, LTH and LTU), information structures in the building process (LTH, KTH, Chalmers, LTU), learning in companies and projects (LTH, Chalmers, LTU) and urban planning (KTH). The research groups within this theme area are in several cases also interested in problems and challenges within other sectors.


Collaborating departments

The research groups that collaborate within the theme group are:



The theme group has initially chosen to gather its ideas as a collaborative project under the main heading of Process Integration. The groups have their special fields, but common points of departure can be identified.

An anthology

The theme group has published an anthology under the overall title “What is the real state of the building sector?” The aim is to give the academic world’s picture of the Swedish construction and real estate sector, not through statistics and hard data but through more personal assessments of the situation by a number of leading researchers at the four universities.

Our continuing activity

The group has identified several important challenges for research and higher education within its area. There are fundamental questions of sustainability in all three dimensions – economic, ecological and social – which influence all related technical fields of knowledge. Efficient utilization of energy and minimizing climate impact emerge as central goals.


Our vision

We want to contribute to a sustainable development of society with more efficient use of energy, less climate impact, and decreasing global injustices in the utilization of limited natural resources. In order to realize this vision, research is needed on construction processes and facilities management.