Building System Design and Performance

The theme area of Building System Design and Performance covers five scientific areas:

  • Acoustics
  • Fire technology
  • Building materials
  • Building physics/Building technology
  • Building services engineering
Also applied is the following area:
  • Environmental psychology

This theme area is primarily devoted to building construction and technical maintenance. The research mainly concerns energy, moisture protection, interior environment, environmental consequences, and safety.

In view of today’s ever greater focus on energy and resource efficiency in buildings and on sustainable construction, the competence for judgement of buildings’ technical function and structures that are built in new ways will be decisive for good results. The same is true for buildings that are renovated. Energy efficiency, interior climate, durability and safety must be satisfactory for the changes to go in the right direction. Setting requirements, designing, dimensioning and risk assessment of buildings’ technical function will have the greatest significance in the future.

Strategically this area is very important for achieving sustainability in the built environment, and efforts in the area should be intensified. Therefore, the five scientific areas within Building System Design and Performance are central in the civil engineering education, and they should be well represented at all universities in the future as well.